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"Viperess" necklace with baroque pearl - Liz Wallace Indian Market 2020 Native American jewelry in Santa Fe New Mexico

“Viperess” necklace with baroque pearl

“Viperess” necklace with baroque pearl

“Viperess” necklace. Sterling, 24 KYG, black star sapphires, Columbian emerald, and a baroque freshwater pearl. (Pearl is being replaced by a rubellite tourmaline and I’m adding a hinge to the back so it closes easier. This will leave a gap between the tail and the head.)

I know, I know, as a Navajo I’m supposed to avoid snakes. I’m also Maidu and Washo, however, and I liked to catch red racers, garter snakes, and king snakes as a child. Even in my Navajo grandmas backyard! I always liked snakes and no one ever said anything until I moved here. I also belly dance, and snake imagery is very important in Egypt. Some dancers even perform with live snakes. I doubt I’d go that far, my Navajo relatives and friends might freak out. I love the Victorian era and JAR snake necklaces, and I’ve  been designing and pondering on how I could make one. I made a paper pattern by tracing around a big yogurt lid and cut it out. I tweaked it for a few weeks before I cut it out of silver. There are 4 sizes of scale stamps that I made out of a center punch set. Each scale is individually stamped on before I hammered it to give it volume and shape.

The first Viperess necklace sold and it closed via a simple hook and eye in front. The back is hinged with two jump rings. Since I spent so many years repairing jewelry, I like to keep mechanisms as simple as possible for longevity’s sake. But this one keeps coming open and so I’m going to trim the back and put in a spring hinge, and the big gorgeous pearl is gone and will be replaced with a pear shaped faceted red tourmaline. Personally, I really liked the pearl, but no one else did. In the past year, I acquired a good stash of Columbian emeralds, which I hear are getting rare, and I set one on the head. I like to use fine, or 24 K, gold for bezels. Though I have to roll it out myself I like that rich yellow as an accent, and it makes a nice tight bezel. This type of necklace sells for $3,500. There’s a matching bracelet and earrings, too.
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